Voice & IVR Recordings

To help your telephone system sound enterprise class, we have teamed up with Scrumption to offer voice prompts that make your system sound like business.

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Make your prompt set complete with custom-recorded prompts in the same voice. Our advanced ordering system delivers high-quality audio files over the internet in typically just a few days.

* Recordings are charged in units of phrases. Each phrase is charged at $15.00 for up to 30 words. Extra words will be charged as an additional phrase.

Voice Talent

Voice Talent Bio

Pat Fleet

Pat Fleet's "AT&T" is one of the most recognized sounds in the United States. Described as a "mega star" of phone voices by Ted Koppel on ABC's Nightline and affectionately called "Ma Bell" by telephone workers, Pat has been the voice behind literally tens of thousands of telephone recordings since 1981 - speaking to millions of callers daily with coin and credit card requests, explaining services or just thanking them for using AT&T...

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Alex Kasperavicius

Alex Kasper is the voice behind many custom Interactive Voice Response systems for the United States Government and has provided standard network announcements for companies like AT&T, Cingular Wireless, Nortel, and MCI since 1995. A classic, friendly and warm voice with just a hint of authority, he can also be heard in overhead, pre-recorded announcements at amusement parks, airports, train terminals and other public venues throughout the United States.

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