Enterprise SIP trunking

Business moves fast. Time is tight, and so is your budget. Today’s enterprises demand next-generation IP-based phone service that delivers optimum quality, the highest reliability, seamless integration, and the ability to quickly and easily deploy across geographies.

Built for optimum uptime and quality, Flowroute gives you the tools to remotely deploy phone service to new desks or entire locations. Instantly scalable channel capacity boosts your system's performance and eliminates over spending on trunks.

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“Flowroute really saved us today. Our External PRI card died and I needed a backup SIP trunk immediately. I was able to get Flowroute working in less than an hour. It was awesome! ”
Derek Lemery, IT Systems Analyst II at CCAT

Inbound SIP trunking

As the world’s first pure SIP carrier, Flowroute maximizes the uptime of your business VoIP system by actively finding the most reliable, highest quality path available for each call in real-time.

Expanded SIP signaling exposes detailed routing intelligence so you can manage and track calls with granular control.

Inbound call channels can be unlimited so that all calls get through. And you only pay for service you use, so you never overpay for trunks again. 

  • US/CAN$0.012/min

Outbound SIP trunking/International calling

Our intelligent carrier platform ensures top voice quality by delivering outbound call audio over the shortest path possible. Streamlined call routing makes international calling clear and inexpensive because we remove unnecessary call legs.

Outbound SIP trunking channels are always unlimited, and you only pay for the termination minutes you use, so agents and reps can always reach customers.

Strict customizable toll-fraud controls protect your balance from intruders on your network.

  • US/CAN*$0.0098/min
  • UK*$0.0079/min
  • France*$0.0068/min

*Rates within each country can vary. For a full list of rates see here.

Toll-fraud protections

Security is a concern for any business. Flowroute provides account level tools you can use to further secure your business against toll-fraud.

Disable outbound SIP credentials

By authenticating outbound calls using a strict IP address whitelist, calls originating from outside your static IPs will be blocked.

Destination restriction

Many toll-fraud attacks use stolen credentials to route calls to a short list of destinations. This feature lets you block destinations you know you’ll never need to call.

Maximum outbound rate

Setting a maximum outbound rate protects your account from attackers sending calls to high-cost destinations.

Destination whitelisting

If your organization is focused on very specific regions, you can build a list of allowable destinations that will block calls to anywhere else in the world.

Toll-free numbers

With a wide range of toll-free numbers to choose from, including custom and vanity numbers, it’s easier than ever to be more available.

Port existing toll-free numbers to your Flowroute account for free.

Phone numbers

With nationwide phone number coverage in the US and Canada, Flowroute helps you keep your relationships local.

Add new numbers to your account instantly, or port in your existing phone numbers for business continuity.

Additional services

Flowroute offers extended account functionality to enhance the capabilities of your phone system and protect your users from danger.  


Caller-ID Name storage is a free service that allows you to associate a 15 character name with any Flowroute phone number on your account. Calls that display a name as well as a number receive significantly higher answer rates.

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Caller-ID Name lookup queries the national caller name database to provide you with the name associated with your callers in real-time. With that information, you can personalize greetings and even route calls more efficiently.

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With Flowroute’s Enhanced 911 (E911) service, you can easily attach a US or Canadian address to any Flowroute number, making sure emergency services knows where to send help as soon as your call comes in.

  • The largest E911 coverage in the US and Canada
  • Eliminate dedicated 911 trunks
  • Replace regional PS-ALI accounts
  • No more managing Emergency Location
  • Identification Numbers

Technical specifications

Codec Support

G.711 Standard audio compression
G.729 Efficient audio compression
T.38 Reliable Fax-over-IP support on all calls


IP Protocol Support

SIP over UDP Supported
SIP over TCP Supported


Signaling Fields

DTMF RFC 4733, RFC 2833
Caller-ID (CLI) P-Asserted-Identity, privacy support
Forwarding Diversion headers
Custom Tags X-Tag header