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What we deliver

inbound calling diagramInbound calling

Detailed routing intelligence provides granular control of your SIP trunking. Choose unlimited channels, or unlimited minutes, for each phone number company wide.

toll free phone number diagramToll-free numbers

Choose from a wide range of US/CAN toll-free numbers, or special order vanity numbers, with the click of a button. Port existing toll-free numbers to Flowroute free of charge.

toll fraud protection lock and shieldToll-fraud protection

Keep your balance safe from intruders with real-time customizable toll-fraud protections. Restrict destinations, limit rates, block external IPs, and more from your account manager.

outbound calling phoneOutbound calling

Call quality is optimized over the most reliable routes available and by removing unnecessary call legs. Outbound SIP trunking channels are always unlimited.

local telephoneLocal phone numbers

Purchase or port in local phone numbers from more than 17,000 rate centers across the US and Canada. Specify a unique rate plan for each number.

additonal services magnifying glass and plus signAdditional Services

CNAM Storage - Boost call answer rates.
CNAM Lookup - Enable personalized greetings. 
E911 - The largest E911 coverage in the US and Canada.

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"My friend had great things to say about your uptime and routing. And better yet, that Flowroute doesn’t place limits on the number of inbound channels."
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“Flowroute was the first carrier where I could get everything I needed in terms of VoIP.”
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“There’s not another company that does what Flowroute does that’s willing to take the same level of interest in the customer.”
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“We’ve increased our volume of calls by an order of magnitude, and we’ve decreased our spend by an order of magnitude at the same time.”
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How we standout

Flowroute is the world’s leading high-performance telecommunications service. Once you configure your system, you can count on us to keep your enterprise phone lines clear, open, and responsive to your needs.

Communications control

Expanded SIP signalling puts you in command of your phone service so you can route calls more intelligently and efficiently. Comprehensive Call Detail Records equip you with to-the-second usage data for planning and reporting.

Serious reliability

Our intelligent service platform finds optimal call routes to maximize quality and uptime. By delivering call audio directly to destination carriers, we eliminate quality issues that plague other services. With unlimited channels, you never have to worry about traffic capacity again.

Hands-on support

Flowroute service is backed by our team of highly trained support engineers available on the phone or by email. Our engineers understand your entire network environment and will work with you beyond the boundaries of our service without pointing fingers.

Current support resolution satisfaction:

96% filled circle