Messaging FAQ

General Questions

Can I use my Flowroute number for SMS?

Yes, all Flowroute phone numbers are already text-enabled. Documentation to get started is available here.  Retrieve your API-key and set your callback URL in the Flowroute Manage portal under Preferences/API Control.

What can I do with Flowroute SMS?

Send and receive SMS through our API: Enable SMS-based customer interactions using new or existing toll-free or long code phone numbers.

Receive detailed information: Review detailed reports that contain SMS statistics and usage records in real-time through the Flowroute managed portal including message direction, message status, billing info, timestamps, and message content.

Customize Routing: Obtain real-time control over how SMS messages are routed through customizable web hooks that ensure customizable delivery at the account level.
Provision in real-time: Search and provision phone numbers in real-time through the Flowroute API or online portal to allow apps and services to scale immediately.

Can I send or receive text messages with a Flowroute toll-free phone number?

Yes. Toll-free phone numbers in the US and Canada are enabled to send and receive text messages domestically within the two countries. To receive text messages on your toll-free phone number, you just need to configure your SMS request URL. Check out the Flowroute developer portal to learn more.

Does Flowroute support short codes?

No, Flowroute is focused on offering toll-free and long code number support at this time.

How do I text-enable my Flowroute numbers?

All Flowroute numbers, new or existing, are automatically text enabled. You don’t need to do anything on your end to make your number text-enabled!

If I want to port in new numbers, will they automatically be text-enabled?

For all long code and toll free numbers that are being ported into Flowroute, it typically takes 3-5 days for them to be text-enabled, after the number is successfully ported in for voice.

Can I change the sender ID for sending SMS messages?

You can specify the ‘From’ parameter to be any SMS-enabled Flowroute number.

When sending a SMS message from Flowroute, you cannot set the ‘From’ phone number as a phone number that you do not own in your Account. Spoofing another business or identity is not allowed with an alphanumeric sender ID.

Can I send or receive MMS messages?

Not at this time, Flowroute numbers are not currently MMS enabled. We plan to add this capability soon.

Can Flowroute SMS send and receive Emoji’s?

Emoji support works in the majority of cases.

Do you have an app or messaging client for Flowroute SMS?

We currently do not have a lightweight messaging client to use outside of the API. If you are interested in this, please let us know.

Where can I access the Flowroute APIs and SDKs?

The Flowroute APIs, SDKs and documentation can be found on the developer portal.

Technical questions

Do you have a simple example of how to send an SMS message?

Yes! Please visit our developer portal where you will find a number of helpful resources like technical documentation, sample source code, and reference guides.

Can my Flowroute SMS messages be blacklisted as spam?

This depends on your SMS traffic and the upstream (receiving) carriers handling the messages. If your content fits those carriers’ spam patterns, there is a possibility that your numbers could be flagged. If you are sending a conversational messages, you won’t have to worry about being flagged.

Do you support sending messages to international phone numbers?

Currently you can send to any number in the NANPA database (those with +1 for country code). We will expand to other international locations in the future.

Billing & Pricing

Does it cost anything additional to text-enable my Flowroute number?

Not at all, Flowroute SMS is a pay-as-you-go feature just like voice minutes. You are only billed for SMS messages that you send or receive with your Flowroute numbers.

Will I be charged for text messages sent to a Flowroute number that I have not enabled for SMS?

You will only be charged for incoming SMS messages if your phone number has its SMS Request URL set. If you have added this URL and no longer want to receive messages you can remove this URL in the Manage Portal under Preferences/API Control.

Where can I find Flowroute SMS pricing?

You can find our SMS pricing here.

Do you offer volume pricing for SMS?

Yes! Please contact to receive a quote.

Will I be charged if Flowroute encounters an error when sending an SMS?

Nope! If Flowroute returns an HTTP response error, this means that we were unable to process your request and you definitely won’t be charged.