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Flowroute Joins Voxbone’s iNum Network for Global VoIP Calling

Posted on March 12, 2013

Flowroute today announced it has joined the growing community of communications service providers that are offering their customers geographically independent iNum® numbers for free and providing free calling to all other iNum numbers.

Membership in the iNum community boosts Flowroute’s ability to provide flexible, streamlined telecommunications solutions to the thousands of enterprises and application developers it serves. Flowroute’s customer base is growing rapidly, with more than 2 billion minutes of traffic routed last year.

The addition of Flowroute to the iNum network represents another provider’s acceptance and use of numbers that are not tied to a geographic location, as opposed to traditional numbers with country-specific codes.

Voxbone’s iNums support IP communications features, combining the best attributes of telephone numbers and Internet communications. They enable users, including members of VoIP communities, conferencing providers, enterprises, small and medium-sized businesses, and charitable organizations, to create a local presence in new locations with a single, portable number reachable from throughout the world. iNums use the international number range of +883 5100, which the International Telecommunication Union assigned to Voxbone.

Flowroute becomes the latest service provider to offer its customers the opportunity to save considerably on the cost of international voice calls and text messages while gaining the opportunity to support high-definition voice and video telephony. In addition to benefiting enterprise customers and their end users, the free iNums from Flowroute will enable application developers to expand the functionality of their apps.

“Offering our customers free universal telephone numbers complements our mission of removing barriers to enable agile, free-flowing communications,” said Flowroute founder and CEO Bayan Towfiq. “We believe in the iNum concept of one number for the new world, in which businesses thrive on local presence and global relationships not limited by distance or borders.”

Functioning as a technological bridge between cloud communications networks and traditional PSTN and mobile networks, Voxbone is the market leader in providing worldwide geographical, toll-free and geographically independent telephone numbers.

Hugh Goldstein, Voxbone Vice President for Strategic Alliances and the iNum initiative, said: “We’re very pleased to have Flowroute in our iNum community. We look forward to working closely with Flowroute to enable free IP communications services via iNum – the area code for the earth.”

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