Partnering with Flowroute

Expert Partner vs.
Reseller Partner Program FAQs

Flowroute partners with many technology providers who bring complete communications solutions
to small, medium and large organizations. We have two distinct ways that we work with providers
depending on whether Flowroute’s carrier services are sold direct to the customer under referral from
the partner, or if they are incorporated into a partner’s offering which is then sold to the end customer.

Expert Partner Program

This program is intended for developers, integrators and IT-service providers who provide solutions to medium-large sized businesses (50-1,000+ employees) by influencing the customers’ choice of SIP trunking provider*. Flowroute Expert Partners earn a referral commission for each year they remain involved in the customer’s account.
*Partners are not eligible for the referral if they are a reseller of Flowroute.

Benefits of being an Expert Partner

  • Priority support during implementations
  • Pre-funded test account
  • 10% of first year revenue from each customer you connect to Flowroute
  • 5% revenue for each subsequent year

How do you receive the commission?

At this time you will need to email and provide us with your Affiliate ID
and the email used in the end user’s account.

When will I receive my commissions?

The first commission payout will be issued once your accounts (individually or collectively) have
brought in a minimum of $1000 in revenue.

What if your clientele doesn’t bring in the minimum required revenue?

We will drop the commission rate only if the overall level of business is below $10,000 per month.
You will always receive 10% commission on any new customer for the first year, and if the overall book
is >$10k per month, then commissions stay at 10%. If it is less than $10k per month, then the commission
rate will drop to 5%.

How should you setup/bill customers?

At this time you will need to open a new account for each client to manage their usage and troubleshoot
any issues. We are currently beta testing the Multi-Account User feature with plans to roll out this
functionality in the coming months to our partners.


Flowroute’s Reseller Partner Program

Managed or hosted communication solution providers who use Flowroute to connect their services to the PSTN are considered Reseller partners. Flowroute Resellers can earn rate discounts based on the volume of minutes used per month. Resellers implement Flowroute services to strengthen their own customer offering and protect profitability.

Benefits of being a Reseller Partner

  • Granular control and immediate updates to your account – your customers have service, numbers, and
    features the moment they need them. Channel capacity that scales on demand - you’ll always have room
    to grow your traffic.
  • Ability to set your own rates
  • Access to Flowroute’s knowledgeable Support Engineers

How do you qualify for rate discounts?

We begin to discount rates at 100,000 minutes per month.

How do you make money?

You have the ability to charge your customers as you see fit.

How should you setup/bill your customers?

Option 1 – Have all clients on one Flowroute account and bill them out separately. This works best if you
charge your customers a flat rate (e.g. $50/month for unlimited minutes/DIDs). There is an option to X-tag
DIDs to keep track of different accounts within the portal.

Option 2 – Have all clients on individual Flowroute accounts. This makes usage easier to track and is the
best option should you choose to charge your customers differently than the standard Flowroute Pricing