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Frequently Asked Questions - Partner Programs

How do I become a Certified Technology Partner with Flowroute?

Becoming certified with Flowroute can be done in a 4 simple steps.

  1. Set up a Flowroute account, by signing up here.
  2. You will need to activate your account by depositing $40 on your account. 
  3. Set up your account, test your SIP Trunk, and document the configuration.
  4. Submit the test report and configuration guide to Flowroute reviews the results to verify all of the requirements have been met.

You can find information about how to set up your Flowroute account here.

What is the Certified Technology Partner program?

Flowroute’s Certified Technology Partner program focuses on cloud-based PBXs, IP Phones, softphone applications, session border controllers (SBC) and IP gateways to ensure success interoperability with Flowroute’s SIP Trunking.

Do you offer subaccounts?

No, we currently do not offer subaccount capabilities, but we expect to add this capability in this calendar year.

For the time being, you can create an individual account to manage your clients or create unique Flowroute accounts for each customer. Multiple PBX’s and endpoints can be registered to a single account, and alias’ can be assigned on a per DID basis for easier management.

How do I set up a test SIP Trunk?

Want to take Flowroute for a test run first? No problem. You can get set up in three simple steps:

  1. Sign up for an account – A walkthrough can be found here.
  2. Activate your account – Flowroute is a pre-paid service, therefore you will need to fund the account with $40 under Preferences → Billing Management – A walkthrough can be found here.
  3. Connect your PBX (3CX, Asterisk, FreeSWITCH, etc) – We have a number of config guides here to help with your set up.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with Flowroute, we will refund your $40. There are no contracts, you can cancel at any time – simply submit a ticket here to request a refund.

Does Flowroute provide a billing service for my customers?

Flowroute does not offer a billing service, nor can we advise you on your tax compliance. For this information, we recommend speaking with a legal professional. 

Can I resell Flowroute’s services?

Yes, anyone can resell Flowroute’s services.

Partners who choose to be a managed service provider who cumulatively brings in a minimum of 50k minutes per month are eligible for discounted porting, management & usage rates. 

How do I add new referrals to my account?

Please send an email to, include your affiliate ID and the tech prefix of the new company’s account.

Will I receive a commission check each quarter regardless of the total revenue my referrals have generated?

No. You will only receive a commission check if your accounts have generated $1K+ in cumulative revenue.

What is the frequency of commission payouts?

Commissions are paid out on a quarterly basis.

What is the commission rate?

The first year you receive a commission of 5% and the second year you will receive 3%.

Please note that commission is paid once your accounts have reached $1K+ in cumulative revenue.


How do I apply to become an Expert Partner?

You can apply to become an Expert Partner at Once your account is listed as ‘under review’, please email so our team can complete your application process.

Please note that you will need to provide a W-9 form so that we can send your commission payouts through Payoneer.

Does Flowroute have a partner program?

Yes! Flowroute provides three types of partner programs, including:

  1. Reseller program: Flowroute offers its reseller partners discounts based on their monthly call volume. 
  2. Expert program: Our partners receive a commission for the customers they refer to Flowroute.
  3. Technology partner: Companies who provide PBXs, SBC’s, and other endpoints can become certified through interoperability testing with Flowroute.

To learn more, go to