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Cisco SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking for Business

As a leading provider of communication services for cloud-based companies, Flowroute provides Cisco SIP trunking services for a wide range of businesses. SIP trunking is ideal for those companies that are ready to utilize a single connection for data, internet traffic, and VoIP telephony to maximize the use of their IP-PBX system. In addition to using it for creating and controlling VoIP telephony communication sessions, it can be used for a number of real-time services including conferencing, instant messaging, multimedia feeds, and presence updates.

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Why Do Businesses Need Cisco SIP Trunking?

One of the best ways for you to prepare your company and personnel for the most recent real-time communication technology enhancements, and simplify your telecommunications is by deploying Cisco SIP trunking. This converged approach enables businesses and organizations to save time and money by using bandwidth more efficiently, reducing your hardware expenses, and simplifying the way you manage your network.

In addition to these perks, businesses can take advantage of SIP trunking and utilize it for other reasons including:

  • eliminating IP-PSTN getaways
  • eliminating redundancy
  • eliminating subscription fees for BRI’s and PRI’s
  • extending your office communications server’s capabilities by utilizing new ITSP services such as 911 calling
  • saving on long distance calling service expenses

With a Cisco SIP trunk, your voice traffic will be traveling over a privately managed, state-of-the-art network rather than the internet; thereby ensuring call completion and quality. While SIP trunking helps prepare you for the latest real-time communication technology and simplifies your telecommunications, its overall cost-effectiveness is probably the primary reason for deploying SIP trunking.

How Does Your Business Benefit

Cisco SIP trunking for businesses easily connects your company’s IP-PBX system to Flowroute, in order to ensure the quality and reliability of your calls, as well as prioritizing them by how important they are. Since this is an IP protocol, SIP provides you with a foundation for adding more capabilities, as you expand and grow your business. Furthermore, there are a number of ways in which your business benefits.

Expand and grow your company more efficiently:

  • Call paths can be added or removed to handle your growth more efficiently
  • Create the ideal foundation for unifying your communications
  • Get the number of call paths needed based on projected business growth (as your business grows, so does your network)

Improves your bottom line:

  • Access our professional customer service team and local technicians on a 24/7/365 basis
  • Calls are redirected automatically (includes disaster recovery)
  • Converge your data and voice platforms thereby eliminating multiple access payments
  • Entrust your traffic to Flowroute’s privately managed network so your calls are not exposed to the open internet (we constantly monitor this to ensure proper optimization, improved performance, and increased security levels)
  • Having a single communication network reduces your operating costs

Keeping things simple:

  • Easy-to-read monthly bill and simple pricing structure for the call features you need
  • Smoother installation and interoperability with various IP-PBX systems

Taking these benefits into consideration, especially the cost savings involved, you can easily see why Cisco SIP trunking can benefit most businesses and why it is so popular where unifying your communications are concerned. We will be happy to provide additional information and give you an overview of the Cisco SIP trunk technology, and how it can prove beneficial for your business.

Why Flowroute?

Flowroute is the leading provider of communication services for cloud-based companies. Once your system is configured, you can rely on our support team to respond to your needs. Now you can maximize call quality and uptime by finding optimal call paths with our intelligent calling and messaging services.

We can eliminate a wide range of call quality issues, which hinder other telecommunication services, by delivering high-quality audio to different destination carriers. For more information about Cisco SIP trunk deployment and operation, check out our Cisco Unified Communications Manager Configuration Guide. If you have any questions give us a call and one of our knowledgeable specialists will be happy to assist you.


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