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Ringadoc: The Care They Need

Posted on April 23, 2013

Service that’s on even when you aren’t –

Ringadoc uses Flowroute to provide medical offices with afterhours phone services, making sure patients get connected to the care they need when they need it. They’ve been with us since the early days, signing up in 2008 when they were looking for a provider that was compatible with their system and could deliver the range of services they need.

The web-based solution is seamless. “Everything is managed from our servers. There is no installation needed,” explained Mike, a product manager at Ringadoc. “Customers are not aware of Flowroute other than that you are a provider.”

Doctor’s offices can easily forward their lines to Flowroute DIDs, via phone or web portal, any time they’re not available to answer. Based on predetermined rules, incoming calls are directed to the appropriate server and on-call destination. And, of course, there is the piece of mind added for customers concerned about HIPAA by the way Flowroute routes calls more securely.

“We handle all call prompts. For non-urgent message, do this. If this is an emergency and there’s blood everywhere, do that.” Mike said, adding that they rely heavily on DTMF services.

Part of the reason they’ve stayed with Flowroute so long is the level of service they receive. “Customer support has been awesome,” Mike admits when talking about his impression of Flowroute. And that’s part of the reason we think we’re such a great fit, we’re all about keeping the lines of communication open.

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