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Wavetechs: SIP trunking you can trust

Posted on August 4, 2015

The reputation of custom voice and data technology provider Wavetech Solutions rests squarely on its ability to deliver reliable services. Wavetech’s founders, Alexander Lindsay and Jacob Samandar, approached Flowroute because they needed a high quality, reliable voice service that they could trust with their most valued customers. Their clients needed a SIP trunking solution that never experienced downtime. Wavetech Solutions finally found the reliability they required with Flowroute’s SIP trunking solution. Alex and Jacob were also impressed by the unlimited technical support, consistent uptime and scalability.

The consistent SIP trunking solution

Alex and Jacob have a long list of important clients, many of them enterprises who demand high uptime and high quality audio. After researching a number of other SIP vendors, Alex and Jacob decided to use Flowroute to ensure their clients receive the highest quality audio, with Alex stating “If a client wants high quality audio, I could not rate Flowroute higher.”

Expert-level SIP trunking support

Another reason to select Flowroute is the responsiveness and resolution times provided by the company. Alex says, “Flowroute technical support has always gone above and beyond.” He doesn’t have to call support often, but when he does he knows his questions will be answered. He has even relied on Flowroute support to offer advice on technology outside of his service area, such as handsets, softphones, and IP PBX recommendations.

The top quality SIP provider

When looking for SIP trunking providers, Alex found that “Flowroute just naturally fit, it is always at the top of our analysis for call quality.”  Alex uses a few different carriers, but for enterprise clients that only want the highest quality audio, Flowroute is the only carrier he’ll use. Consistent quality combined with expert level support is why Alex trusts Flowroute, saying, “Flowroute has proven to be the luxury quality SIP provider.”

For any company, being able to offer uninterrupted service is very important. With Flowroute, Wavetech Solutions has found a SIP trunking solution that allows them to serve their most value clients without missing a beat. To learn more about Flowroute and how we can help support your communications needs, contact us at

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