Case Studies | SIP Trunking, Voice, and Messaging - Part 4
Voice ChowNow: How the right VoIP connection keeps customers happy February 14, 2014

ChowNow is a branded online ordering platform that enables restaurants with online ordering through web, social media outlets, and mobile applications. With an office of 30 people, including six salespeople,…

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Voice Coltarus Halo LLC: Married to a VOIP Provider September 25, 2013

Coltarus Halo LLC is a systems engineering firm that provides businesses in South Texas with holistic customized network solutions. “VoIP is a big part of our business but it’s not…

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Voice Gotham Dream Cars: The Expert’s SIP Trunking Choice September 23, 2013

Not just any provider will do. Gotham Dream Cars is an exotic and luxury car rental and experience company with offices in New York, Miami and Los Angeles. If you…

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Voice Ringadoc: The Care They Need April 23, 2013

Service that’s on even when you aren’t – Ringadoc uses Flowroute to provide medical offices with afterhours phone services, making sure patients get connected to the care they need when…

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