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Coltarus Halo LLC: Married to a VOIP Provider

Coltarus Halo LLC is a systems engineering firm that provides businesses in South Texas with holistic customized network solutions. “VoIP is a big part of our business but it’s not the only thing we do,” said co-founder James Rose. “We do everything from helpdesk support, to custom software. We build firewall solutions, computers, and servers of all kinds. We’re not an ISP, but we connect our clients to the providers in their area best suited to their budget and needs.”

When it comes to VoIP, James and company stand out from larger companies by providing customized in-person service for every customer. “The all in one hosted solutions aren’t our competitors. We don’t drop ship phones. We’ve seen that saying, ‘read the manual and we’ll see you later,’ doesn’t work very well for most customers.” Clarified James.

James said when the company began offering VoIP solutions in 2010, “the first thing we did was look for carriers.”

“We used one provider for a while, and they had a decent-ish reseller panel, but the call quality wasn’t great. And I thought they were kind of expensive for what we got,” remembered James. Adding that they’d tried cheaper providers that only offered termination or origination, and often experienced post dial delay of 20 seconds or more. “We found a cheaper origination provider that worked well, but asking clients to set up two accounts seemed unfair. Plus, they couldn’t support outbound CNAM.”

Coltarus Halo initially planned to resell minutes, but they ran into a snag reselling VoIP in Texas. “Texas is kind of odd in the way they do taxing. Tax rates are so variable, the logistics of trying to direct bill our clients were prohibitive.”

“We started looking for a provider we could trust to connect our clients to directly without worrying about it coming back to bite us. Somebody that could support T-38 and CNAM.” Explained James. “I was complaining about my providers and Mark Crane, the creator of FusionPBX, said, ‘you need to stop being quite so cheap and get a good provider.’ He recommended Flowroute.”

When he started using Flowroute, James noticed right away that faxing worked, and the post dial delay was gone. “I stopped looking at VoIP providers,” James admitted. “You guys are phenomenal.”

When asked to define, ‘phenomenal’, James talked about Flowroute support. “Justin’s helped me troubleshoot a lot over the last year and a half. Faxing, firewall issues… Having a person on the other end who is willing and able to troubleshoot and help us out is awesome. Y’all have been invaluable helping us figure out all our issues.”

Reliability is a factor for James, too. “Knowing the call is going to work, that’s a huge value for our customers. All I have to worry about is my part. I don’t have worry that the VoIP carrier’s not doing their job.”

Because of the confidence Coltarus Halo has in Flowroute, our service is the only component guaranteed to be a part of every install. “We work with customers to find out what their needs are and build a unique solution from there. The only thing that’s not a question is that they are going to have a Flowroute account.”


The reliability and support James found in Flowroute has allowed him to focus on growing his business. No more hacking through the jungle of VoIP providers looking for gold. He says he’s found it.

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