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Maximize call quality and reliability with the Flowroute HyperNetwork™

The patented Flowroute HyperNetwork™ unifies the largest telecommunications and IP networks to create an optimal network that maximizes call quality, reliability, and modern control.

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Reliability you can count on

Flowroute utilizes software and it's carrier status to determine if there is a network outage. In the event of an outage, Flowroute rapidly reroutes the physical and logical paths of inbound calls to bypass the outage and enable customers to resume normal operations with limited interruption.

Inbound call is attempted

An inbound call is attempted and requires a reroute due to a network outage.

Network outage

Flowroute intelligently detects the network outage and rapidly reroutes the inbound call, bypassing the outage, and enabling the call to go through.

Call received

Due to Flowroute’s ability to determine the network outage, the call was rapidly rerouted to bypass the outage enabling the call to complete.


Extending possiblities with extraordinary features

Adaptive call routing

Flowroute provides adaptive call routing, which provides inbound and outbound redundancy by rerouting the physical and logical path of calls in the event of a catastrophic event. Intelligently bypassing the outage so our customers can more quickly resume their normal operations versus waiting for an outage resolution by a third party/local carrier.

Network availability

Owning the network allows us to have more granular controls to influence network availability. Our support team’s response time is, on average, less than 15 minutes – other providers need to work with carriers to deliver timely support notifications.

APIs for network control

Flowroute is a carrier, and therefore can provide control over massive telecommunication networks.

“Flowroute wins on cost, quality, and implementation speed. A great provider of telecommunication solutions”

Rick - Corporate Applications Manager

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